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Console Microsoft XBOX ONE S 1TB White

Console Microsoft XBOX ONE S 1TB White
Second Hand Out Of Stock
Console Microsoft XBOX ONE S 1TB White
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Console Specs
CPU 8X 1.75Ghz
Floating-point performance 1.31 TFLOPS
Memory Bandwidth 68.3 GB/s
GPU Clock Speed 853MHz
Can Connect to an External Drive YES
Shading Units 768
Storage Capacity 1TB
Resolution 1080P up to 4K for Videos
Is Region Free YES
Has an Internal Power Supply YES
Has an Optical Disc Drive Yes
Has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack YES
Supports Wi-Fi Supports Wi-Fi 4
Has an External Memory Slot No
USB ports 3 – 3
Has an HDMI Output YES
Has Voice Commands YES
Streaming Without Subscription Yes
Can Play Games While They Download YES
Can play Blu-ray Discs Yes
Supports 3D Yes
Supports 3D audio NO 7.1
Supports VR No

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