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FM transmitter

FM modulator (FM transmitter) is an electronic conductor device that allows you to connect a USB drive to the car audio system via a radio channel.

How does it work?

The device is powered by a car cigarette lighter, so it is quite economical. You tune the modulator to a free radio wave, select the same wave on the car radio, insert a flash card into the device, after which playback of the files in the memory starts automatically.

You can independently switch tracks, as well as connect the device not only via USB, but also via a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Modulator classes

Budget class. The simplest version with a black and white liquid crystal display. It perfectly fulfills its main function - broadcasting audio through a carrier radio wave. The radius of action is up to 7 meters. Other gadgets are not provided due to the budget of the model.

Middle class. A device of this level boasts an attractive high-tech design that will organically fit into the interior of any modern car. The display is no longer black and white, but red with a pleasant backlight. Additional functions are provided: memory of radio stations (up to 20 pieces), audio jack, remote control.

Premium class. Carefully thought-out design, color display and many additional functions. Thanks to the 2GB internal memory, such devices function as a full-fledged player. They are also easy to connect to a computer and the software is intuitive. In addition to the remote control and memory on the radio, there are connectors for both USB and SD-cards, which makes it possible to listen to music from the phone's memory.


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