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Console Microsoft XBOX Series S White

Console Microsoft XBOX Series S White
Second Hand Out Of Stock
Console Microsoft XBOX Series S White
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Console Specs
CPU 8X 3.6Ghz
Floating-point performance 4 TFLOPS
Memory Bandwidth 224GB/s
GPU Clock Speed 1565MHz @120Hz
Can Connect to an External Drive YES
Shading Units 1280
Number of Compute Units 20
Storage Capacity 1 TB
Resolution 1080P – 1080i
Supports Ray Tracing Yes
Uses Multithreading Yes
Hard Drive is Replaceable No
Is Region Free YES
Has an Internal Power Supply YES
Has an Optical Disc Drive No
Has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack YES
Supports Wi-Fi Supports Wi-Fi 4 / 5
USB ports 3 – 3.1
Has an HDMI Output YES
Has Voice Commands YES
Streaming Without Subscription YES
Can Play Games While They Download YES
Can play Blu-ray Discs No
Supports 3D No
Supports 3D audio Yes
Supports VR No

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  • Model: (CON)_XBSS500GBW
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